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Get a TaTtoo removed,
Give a Free Tattoo Removal

When you pay to have a tattoo removed by us, you give a free tattoo removal to someone whose past choices are in the way of a brighter future—because a past record shouldn’t mean a life sentence.

Empowering People with Second Chances

Get New Hope

We help people shed the symbols of their past, whether they’re gang-related, evidence of human trafficking or simply the imprint of a person who is no longer you.

Transform Your Life

Whether for personal, professional or cosmetic reasons, tattoo removal can be transformative —physically, mentally and spiritually.

Unleash Your Potential

We remove physical barriers for people to work and improve their situation, because a better community is in everyone’s best interest.


To Know, Love and Serve God
To Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves
Grace Happens


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Change Starts Here.

What they say

Restoring Confidence

Great people and very helpful. They’ve really gone out of their way to mitigate the pain and recovery time. Their prices are extraordinarily low. I honesty have no idea why they’re not at the top of the list of tattoo removal places. I highly recommend them.”

Matt Hayhow
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