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We don’t just remove tattoos — we give people a fresh start and a chance to move past their past. For every paid tattoo removal treatment we perform, we offer a free tattoo removal service to someone whose face, neck or hand tattoos are preventing them from being accepted in society and leading a better life. Here’s how it works:


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An unwanted tattoo can be a painful, unwelcome reminder of a past decision. From your very first appointment, we’ll begin removing the symbols of your past so you can start to heal.


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Combining the PicoSure laser technology with Zimmer Radial Pulse Therapy represents an innovative approach to tattoo removal and pigment treatment. The PicoSure laser is known for its ability to deliver ultra-short pulses of energy, which can effectively break down tattoo ink particles and pigments with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.

Additionally, Zimmer Radial Pulse Therapy can complement the laser treatment by enhancing circulation and promoting the body’s natural healing response. This therapy can potentially improve the outcomes of tattoo removal by facilitating the removal of fragmented ink particles and reducing inflammation.

Moreover, the use of the Zimmer Cryo 6 for cooling during the procedure adds another layer of comfort for patients. By minimizing discomfort and protecting the skin from potential heat-related damage, this cooling system enhances the overall experience of the treatment.

By utilizing these advanced technologies in combination, TRI can offer patients a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable tattoo removal and pigment treatment experience. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to providing high-quality care while achieving optimal results for your clients.



Follow Up

Scheduling follow-up visits every 10 to 12 weeks is a strategic approach to tattoo removal and pigment treatment. This interval allows for adequate time for the body to naturally process and eliminate fragmented pigments from the previous treatment.

By waiting for 10 to 12 weeks between sessions, you’re giving the body the necessary time to heal and resolve as much ink as possible before administering the next treatment. This approach can contribute to more successful outcomes by maximizing the body’s ability to clear away the fragmented pigments.

Moreover, spacing out the treatments in this manner may translate into fewer overall sessions needed for complete clearance of the tattoo or pigment. By allowing the body sufficient time to respond to each treatment, you’re optimizing the efficacy of the procedure and minimizing the risk of adverse effects.

Overall, the importance of waiting between sessions cannot be overstated, as it is a crucial factor in achieving successful resolution of tattoo ink. This patient-centered approach prioritizes both safety and effectiveness, ultimately leading to more satisfying results.



Experience freedom from your past

Break free from the burdens, regrets, or constraints of one’s previous experiences, allowing individuals to move forward unencumbered and empowered.

Removing tattoos allows individuals to let go of negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs, or the weight of past mistakes, and instead embrace a future filled with possibility, resilience, and hope.

It’s about acknowledging the past without letting it define or dictate the future, reclaiming agency over one’s life, and crafting a new narrative based on strength, resilience, and authenticity.

Whether it’s overcoming trauma, releasing regrets, or moving on from past relationships, tattoo removal offers a beacon of hope and empowerment. It reminds us that we have the capacity to redefine ourselves, rewrite our stories, and embrace life with renewed vigor and purpose.

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Restoring Confidence

These people are the kindest most understanding and caring people I’ve ever met. A bit like going to grandma’s, you might get a talking to but only because they truly care so much. Everyone who works there is a volunteer and they do it solely to help improve the lives of others. The process can be a tad painful but if you ask they can recommend some creams and things to help ease the discomfort. I’ve been nearly a dozen times and my ink is continuously fading, very happy with the procedures and more importantly the people.”

Corey Alvis
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