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We don’t just remove tattoos — we give people a fresh start and a chance to move past their past. For every paid tattoo removal treatment we perform, we offer a free tattoo removal service to someone whose face, neck or hand tattoos are preventing them from being accepted in society and leading a better life. Here’s how it works:


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An unwanted tattoo can be a painful, unwelcome reminder of a past decision. From your very first appointment, we’ll begin removing the symbols of your past so you can start to heal.



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Using a combination of cutting-edge tattoo removal lasers and revolutionary Radial Pulse Therapy, we can remove unwanted tattoos up to 3x faster.



Get a Tattoo Removed, Give a Free Tattoo Removal

When you pay for a tattoo removal with TRI, you’re giving a free tattoo removal to someone whose past has been a barrier to their future.



Experience a Blank Slate

With time, you can begin to break free of the past and be a better version of yourself.

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See how you can help transform the lives of the formerly incarcerated, gang members and human trafficking survivors.

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What they say

Restoring Confidence

These people are the kindest most understanding and caring people I’ve ever met. A bit like going to grandma’s, you might get a talking to but only because they truly care so much. Everyone who works there is a volunteer and they do it solely to help improve the lives of others. The process can be a tad painful but if you ask they can recommend some creams and things to help ease the discomfort. I’ve been nearly a dozen times and my ink is continuously fading, very happy with the procedures and more importantly the people.”

Corey Alvis
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