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We don’t judge people for their mistakes, we remove them!

At TRI, we’re all about spreading a little kindness and lending a hand when it counts. We know that small gestures today can pave the way for big changes tomorrow. Let’s face it – tattoos with offensive, racist, or gang-related themes just don’t fly in most workplaces. They can hold people back from the future they deserve. But here’s the good news: we’re here to help folks ditch those tattoos and move forward with confidence. Let’s make sure everyone has a fair shot at a better tomorrow.

Ready to transform your future?

If you’re looking to get rid of those unwanted or gang-related tattoos on your hands, face, or neck, look no further than TRI. Here’s the deal: every time we complete a paid tattoo removal, we’re also giving someone else a fresh start. Whether they’ve been formerly incarcerated, used to be in a gang, or are a survivor of human trafficking, we’re here to help them break free from their past. Let’s make a difference – one tattoo removal at a time.

Don’t let the past rule your life.

Are you a former gang member, returning citizen or survivor of a human trafficking experience? Give us a call today to see how TRI can help transform your future with a free tattoo removal service.

What they say

Restoring Confidence

I have been going to Tattoo Removal Ink for a year and my tattoos are finally disappearing! It can be a process to remove a tattoo but totally worth it! Jo is an amazing technician and really makes the process bearable! She is a quality individual and I couldn’t ask for a better professional!”

Doug Blevins
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