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We don’t judge people for their mistakes—we remove them.

At TRI, we believe a little kindness goes a long way and a helping hand today can make all the difference to someone’s future. Offensive, racist and gang-related tattoos are unwelcomed in the workplace, making them a barrier to a better future for people who want desperately to shed their past.

Ready to transform your future?

If you have undesirable or gang-related tattoos on your hands, face or neck, TRI can help. For every paid tattoo removal we complete, we’ll remove the unwanted tattoos of someone who has been formerly incarcerated, is a former gang member or “branding” from a human trafficking survivor.

Don’t let the past rule your life.

Are you a former gang member, returning citizen or survivor of a human trafficking experience? Give us a call today to see how TRI can help transform your future with a free tattoo removal service.

What they say

Restoring Confidence

I have been going to Tattoo Removal Ink for a year and my tattoos are finally disappearing! It can be a process to remove a tattoo but totally worth it! Jo is an amazing technician and really makes the process bearable! She is a quality individual and I couldn’t ask for a better professional!”

Doug Blevins
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