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Tattoo removal pricing

X-Small Tattoo1 square inch or less*$50
Small Tattoo2 to 6 square inches$100
Medium Tattoo7 to 15 square inches$150
Large Tattoo16 to 30 square inches$200

*For reference, a postage stamp is approximately 1 square inch, and a dollar bill is about 15 square inches.

Payment due at time of treatment. We accept personal checks and credit cards. We do not accept cash.

The typical blue-black tattoo will require 6-8 treatments to remove but the number will vary and you may require more than 8 treatments.  Colored tattoos are more variable and our laser will remove most colors, but not all.

We do not guarantee complete removal of any tattoo. 

Free Tattoo Removal Program

Tattoo Removal Ink wishes to redirect and improve individual lives by performing free treatments on gang or jail-related tattoos or human trafficking tattoos. We provide these services free of charge for the formerly-incarcerated, former gang members, and survivors of human trafficking. Contact us to see if you may qualify for our free tattoo removal.

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Did my first treatment and I’m very happy! Jo is really amazing and love the work she does helping people! Highly recommend!

Tamiris Parizi

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